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I will review an article in the Vitals section of NBC.com. In the fall of 2012 a fungal meningitis outbreak occurred in the United States due to the contamination of steroid injections for pain distributed by the New England Compounding Center of Framingham, MA. Fourteen thousand people in twenty-three states were exposed to the infected drugs. Seven hundred and twenty people in twenty states actually became ill while forty-eight of those infected lost their lives. It is now close to eight months after the first report was made and although the reports of fungal meningitis infection have slowed, there are many others being reported sick due to slow growing infections at the injection site. Fungal meningitis is rare and usually the result of the spread of a fungus through the bloodstream from somewhere else in the body to the spinal cord and is not spread from person to person. “Most of the seriously ill people – those with fungal meningitis infections that caused strokes, for instance – showed up within several weeks or one to two months starting in late September”. Patients have continued to become ill, most often not with meningitis, but with infections at the injection site, which are epidural abscesses or with a condition called arachnoiditis, an inflammation of the nerves near the spine. The predominant fungus identified in patients and confirmed in the CDC laboratory continues to be Exserohilum rostratum. One patient had a laboratory-confirmed Aspergillus fumigatus infection. According to the JAMA Update on Fungal Meningitis Outbreak article, “Four clinical syndromes are associated with contaminated steroid injections: (1) subacute meningitis, (2) basilar stroke, (3) spinal osteomyelitis or epidural abscess, and (4) septic arthritis. Ninety-one percent of all cases attributable to the contaminated steroid material were meningitis. Because these disorders are

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