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Demographic Paper/ Aging population page 1 Demographic Paper By: Tracie Beard HCS/490 November, 25, 2012 Professor: Jacqueline Leff Demographic Paper/ Aging Population page 2 Aging Population The reason for this summary will be to provide information on the effects of the changes in the population in the demographics on the needs and service of the aging population. However, the summary will include the impact the aging population will have on the health care market as well as some ways in which the aging population affect health care in relation to cost. The summary will hope to provide some insight to the need for more health care professionals to care for the aging population. The summary will also provide an answer to the question, what the does aging population’s will have a effect on chronic disease wellness program. The summary will conclude with the aging population’s effects on an individual, community, national, and on global level as well. Aging Population in the United States According to Maestas and Zissimopoulos, “population aging is not a looming crisis of the future, it is already here” (Page 1, Para 1, 2011). When life expectancy rises and fertility declines the results are an aging population. Another issue of the population aging is an increase of individuals surviving to live to an older age outgrowing the number of young people or the health care professional’s ability to take care of these older people. The impact of the aging population on the future standard of living may depend on how long people continue to work. The age-related health care declines and the reluctance of employers to hire and retain older workers is a
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