Hcs 582 Organizational Change Plan

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Organizational change plan- Part II EMR Linda Adkins HCS/587 March 11, 2013 Rochelle Robinson-Levant Organizational change plan- Part II EMR Change to electronic medical records for a small hospital in Pennsylvania like many other hospitals has been a challenge. Prior to implementing this change, the management has had to look at the importance of the EMR system and the issues that will need to be considered while putting the EMR system into place. To put the EMR system into place, hospital management will need to study the barriers and look at issues that may affect the application of the system. They also should look at the factors that could impact the readiness of the implementation of the system. Management…show more content…
The team had also found information while researching the Stimulus Plan about complying with federal regulations and the EMR system. They found that all health care facilities were to incorporate EMR’s by 2015 or would incur fees. The need for the EMR system was clear and the team wanted the implementation to be as successful as possible. The management team of Sewickley Valley Hospital vowed to be diligent in making sure that they would do everything they could to make sure that the implementation of the EMR system was successful. Borkowsi.(2009)”Research indicates that the primary reasons manager fail stems from difficulty in handling change, not being able to work well in teams and poor interpersonal relations” (p. 4). The management team of Sewickley Hospital feels they are on the right path for…show more content…
One of the biggest concerns was the cost that Sewickley Valley Hospital would incur before receiving the stimulus money. This startup cost would include money for training and the possibility of bringing an outside organization to help implement the change. There were discussions about promoting employees who have stronger computer skills over the employees who have more seniority. The team also had to make the decision about which system was pertinent to Sewickley Hospital. Management also discussed the possibility of those employees who had no intention in learning the skills conducive to function in an EMR based facility. The team believed this could cause an increase in employee retirement, terminations, and a reduction in volunteer employees because of noncompliance. Even more than finance pressures of implementing the EMR system, management thought that the community impact and political influences would also be a huge presence that could hinder a successful change. Keeping local organizations informed throughout the process is important to preventing possible issues in this area. Change is always hard when it concerns a large undertaking like the EMR system, everyone gets involved. This becomes, especially true when it concerns health care and the fact that it affects

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