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Administration on Aging Services HCS/490 March 25, 2013 Ann Fairchild I. The identity of the agency and the role of the governmental agency selected A. Identity of Administration on Aging Services 1. Administration on aging services is a Federal main point and support agency for older individuals and his or her concerns. 2. Administration on aging works to improve knowledge among the Federal agencies, groups, organizations, and the public about the important charity that adult Americans make to the country. 3. Perform duties with Department of Health and Human Services to prepare and administer programs for the older adults. B. Role of Administration on Aging Services 1. Administration on aging services roles is…show more content…
The Administration of Aging helps elderly live independently or at least provide the help the elderly would need. 2. Most elderly people might have disabilities that would hinder them from being able to help themselves. 3. The Administration of Aging help the seniors 65 years of age and older. 4. being able to help seniors with disabilities should be important. Seniors need to be able to receive the care they deserve. 5. Should be able to help them find assistance for whatever their need should be B. How the Administration of Aging Helps the Elderly? 1. They can help with finding permanent housing for low income people with disabilities. 2. They can help the people find the insurance they need and assist them for applying for it. Example Medicare and Medicaid or another supplementary insurance 3. New programs to help seniors get to their appointments with providing transportation 4. Activity centers for seniors to be able to get out and go and enjoy the weather. 5. Assist them with services they may need such as food, shelter etc. 6. Making sure Administration of Aging is doing their job correctly by providing surveys for the elderly to take if

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