Hcs 490 Week 3 Outline

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“Government Regulatory Agencies and Impact on Consumer Choices Outline” Amanda Heighton Martha Hunsberger Katie Mays Lakisha Swann Tiffany Swartz HCS/490 October 1, 2012 Makala Pollard Government Regulatory Agencies and Impact on Consumer Choices Outline I. Introduction: The administration on Aging (AoA) is the Federal agency responsible for advancing the concerns and interests of older people and their care givers. The mission of the AoA is to develop a system that is coordinated and comprehensive, cost effective and community-based services that helps the elderly to maintain their independence, and their health in their communities (AoA.gov). The AoA is there to assist the elderly and disabled in maintaining their dignity while being cared for. It is there to also assist families in providing for them the necessary things needed to care for their elderly member. II. Administration on Aging is a Federal agency responsible for ensuring that older individuals can maintain their independence in their communities. a) Describe who the agency is designed to help and how it does it b) Explain the programs available within the agency to make life easier for older individuals 1) Nutrition and transportation c) Home and community based long-term care d) Protects the rights of vulnerable and at-risk older individuals III. The healthcare product or service category selected a. Products i. Publications 1. AoA Annual Reports 2. Medicines and You ii. Fact Sheets 1. 10 Warning Signs 2. Administration on Aging 3. Alzheimer’s Disease 4. Assisted Living b. Services i. Supportive Services and Senior Centers 1.

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