Hcs 483 Week 4 Assignment

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IT Project Implementation Failures Implementing a new IT project of any kind can be a time consuming task and require a great deal of preparation. It is not a task that can be rushed and if it is, chances are it will not be successful. In the case of the CPOE implementation at the Memorial Health System, the project was destined to fail because of the rushed requirements analysis. It only took six months to complete the acquisition process but a more appropriate and thorough process would have taken longer. From the time the project was introduced, organizational inertia was present in the way physicians responded to the changes that would be required to implement the new system. Board members had a lack of belief in the project and did not believe it could be done in 18 months. To help ease the anxiety over the implementation of the project, it would help for board members to see step-by-step plans for implementing the CPOE. It would also be beneficial to include any problems anticipated as well as ways to overcome them. Having a plan of action shows the board members that every aspect has been considered. Once Sally Martin was hired as executive project manager, she evaluated the progress that had been made and realized that because the initial analysis had been rushed, several key components to the success of the project had been missed. She did a wonderful job in creating a way to fix the problems but her superior was not pleased with her findings and considered it bad news. Lack of candor is present here because as a result of the negative feedback from her boss, Ms. Martin decided to never relay bad news again no matter what. Good communication would be the key to overcoming this situation. A supervisor should never make an employee feel as though he or she cannot reference the issues within the company. All aspects, especially the negative ones should be
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