Hcs 451 Health Care Quality Management

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For example: {Case Study Outline (Week Two) assignment for Team A will be submitted by John | |Smith} would be posted to the Team A Forum. Then John Smith would post the Team assignment for that week to his Individual Forum. The instructor will look for the Team Assignment in a team | |member’ Individual Forum. | |NOTE: Recent changes in Department of Education regulations are more stringent regarding students’ attendance in class. Therefore, UOP has instituted new requirements for a Learning Team | |activity each week. For this class, this requirement will be met by each Learning Team member summarizing his/her understanding of each week’s course content. Your team can accomplish this by | |creating a thread entitled “Learning Team Week (week 1,2,3,4,5) Discussion,” much like a Discussion Question thread. Each Learning Team member is expected to contribute to the discussion and

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