Hcs 451 Essay

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Risk and Quality Management Assessment Maria Eubanks HC 451/ week 3 September 1, 2014 Dana Austin In this paper I will describe my chosen organization, the risk and quality management within that health care organization, describe key concepts of risk and quality management, Explain steps taken by the organization to identify and manage their risks. Identify at least three typical or actual risks in the organization. Describe how the risks might negatively affect the quality. Identify at least three internal and external factors that influence quality outcomes in the organization. Describe how these factors might negatively affect quality outcomes for the organization. Outline at least three of the organization’s long-term goals and at least three short-term goals. Identify at least three fundamental risks and quality management policies that should be implemented and how they will influence health outcomes. Explain the relationship between risk management and quality management in the organization and how these two disciplines complement each other. According to Sollecito and Johnson (2013). “At often times Quality management is a systemic and continuous development that organization used to deliver products, services, and to distribute merchandise that will meet or exceed consumer expectations. Quality management in healthcare has evolved over the years to address increased demands from consumers related to the quality of care as well as to address problems in patient outcomes” at often times the meaning of quality is elusive because it looks different from one individual to another. According to Shannon (2012). “Risk management involves a process of making and carrying out decisions that will assist in the prevention of adverse events and minimize the effects of those events. Historically, risk management in the health care setting and in health care
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