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Administrative Ethics HCS 335 Administrative Ethics Patient privacy is very important to many people around the world. People do not want other people looking into their personal information such as their health issues. It is a very private matter and it is a person’s choice if they want to share that information or not. When a patient speaks to their physician about their health issues, it is done in private for a reason. It is so the patient can be honest and open without judgment and the physician can correctly diagnose the patient on the symptoms that the patient is sharing. Also the physician’s office also has all of the patient’s information such as address, phone number, and insurance. That is the patient’s personal information, and they want to keep that information private. That is why in 1996 HIPPA was introduced and now anyone in the health care industry must follow the laws to keep personal information, personal. With the constant change of technology, medical health records are becoming more popular and with that, becomes easier access. If all of the physicians could see their patient’s whole heath history, then correct diagnosis could be easier to attain. Errors could be prevented, and the physician would have a better understanding of the history of the patient. And in a perfect world, everything would be great, but we are not in a perfect world and bad people commit identity fraud, and steal innocent people’s information. With having electronic medical records, hackers can get into peoples personal information and use it for stealing a person’s identity. “Patient records in EHRs can be particularly vulnerable to privacy and security violations, leading to financial and medical identity theft and other inappropriate use of the information.” (Hirsch, 2013) Electronic Medical records can be an amazing asset to peoples heath if

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