Hcs 325 Roles and Functions

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The roles and the application of management functions used in complex contemporary organizations are changing” (Purnell, L. (1999). Four functions in health care management are planning, organizing, controlling, and leading. Managers in today’s organizations come from numerous fields. Having professional-level competence sometimes does not insure a person’s success in management. According to Anderson, P., & Pulich, M. (2002), “When a person is promoted, it is the boss’s opinion that the person has the potential to be able to learn and effectively implement the managerial functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.” The most important role for a health care manager is as a leader, and the best tool of a manager is communication. In the planning process, managers have to set goals and devise a plan of action to obtain those goals. Both short term and long term goals have to be identified and adjusted when needed. The communication of the goals and the plans of action to obtain the goals is clear and understandable. Decision making of the goals keeping in mind alternatives of the plan of action would be a good thing in the event of situational changes. The organizing process is where the resources needed to accomplish the goal are organized adhering to the plan of action. Supplies, departments, specialists, technology (equipment), and assignments of duties are detailed out. The coordination and cooperation of staff is a must in the organizing process. Controlling is the process managers use to track progress of performance towards the goal and to take alternative steps if needed to obtain success. Communication of accurate feedback and suggestions is encouraged. The controlling process is where empowering others to perform above and beyond the standard can be achieved. The leading process seems to make or break a great manager.
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