Hcs 320 Communication Opinion Paper

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Communication Opinion Paper HCS 320 Communication Opinion Paper Today the healthcare is more diverse and complex and improving the communication among the healthcare professionals can help in the safe delivery of the patient care. Effective communication is the basic element of the communication. A better medical care depends upon the effective communication between the patients and the staff of the medical care. Ineffective communication can result in the delayed or improper treatment of the patients. Effective communication which is always timely, accurate, unambiguous and is easily understood by the recipient helps in reducing the errors and results in the complete safety of the patient. Much of the poor results in the healthcare in the past time have been only due to the ineffective communication. Joint commission of the America has said that the ineffective communication has contributed to the seventy percent of the sentinel events. There are many studies that stated that the use of the structured communication in healthcare and other strategies improves the quality of the information exchange between the professionals and decrease the patient harm. So the effective communication in the healthcare contributes to the basic element of the communication. Effective communication requires teams and persons having the proper access of the timely information necessary to perform the role properly and effectively. The use of the technical terms and the abbreviations to communicate can affect that how well the information is being shared and therefore affect the effectiveness of the communication. The basic elements of the effective communication that differ from the general rules of the healthcare are the complete, concise, concrete, clear and accurate. Complete means to answer all the questions asked in a satisfied way in the information exchange of

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