Hcs 320 Communication and Crisis Paper

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HCS/320 Communication and Crisis Paper By: Theresa Kamara Professor Tracey Collins A crisis is an unexpected situation that cannot be prepare for. It can negatively affect or poses harm to a person, town, country or community. Unexpected situations can cause panic paving the way for the worst outcome. Natural disaster and man-made disaster two forms of crisis. A natural disaster is an event that occurs due to the environmental factors of the earth. Some forms of natural disaster includes earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and tsunamis. Man-made disasters are hazardous and can occur as a result of a functioning error. Examples of man-made disaster includes gas and nuclear leaks. Even though there are no way to prevent the occurrence of a natural or man-made disaster, emergency preparedness must be in place to deal with a disaster when it occur. In order to effectively prepare for a disaster or in the midst of a disaster the proper forms of communication channels must be used to report its happenings. Emergency preparedness is done by the Federal and all states local Emergency Management Agency. In 1979 The Three Mile Island nuclear reactor incident was a man-made disaster that occur due to some technical problems causing radiation to be disbursed in the air posing eminent danger to the community. Even though no lives were lost, there was a huge media coverage that created some public concerns nationally and locally. All information surrounding the nuclear reactor were communicated via the three major television stations and all local radio stations. Hurricane Katrina was a natural disaster that occurred in 2005 destroying New Orleans and taking many lives as a large part of the city was overtaken by water. Hurricane Katrina took place sixteen years after the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor. The events surrounding Hurricane Katrina was reported on all
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