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| Health Care Utilization Paper | HCS/235 Health Care Delivery in the U.S. | | CYNTHIA WINSTON | 6/23/2014 | | Cynthia Winston Health care reform in the United States is a hot topic and the source of legislation meant to make health care obtainable to Americans. Recent presidential elections have been platforms used to promote health care reform yet no one can agree on what the resolution will be. In this paper i will discuss ways recent health care reform measures have expanded or inhibited access to health care. This paper will discuss how changes to access may lead to influences in utilization. Concepts of what universal health care may be and how current care reflects or contrasts with this will be discussed. In addition,…show more content…
Based on factors, like, demographic, income and education characteristics, the socio-economic status of a community is a composite measure. The utilization behavior is significantly influenced by the socio-economic status, due to its effect on aspects, like, choice or access of health services, motivation to get well, and knowledge of disease, response to symptoms, recognition and need. The Utilization Influenced by the Changes to Access includes two types of categories of factors that might affect utilization. The factors that might increase utilization and the factors that might decrease the health services utilization. The factors that might increase utilization include comprehensive insurance coverage, increased health insurance coverage, expanded use of existing drugs. The procedures like MRI, stent insertion, and hip replacement, assisted living residences, and ambulatory surgery centers. The factors that might decrease utilization alternative medicine, changes in practice patterns, like, reducing the length of hospital stay and encouraging healthy lifestyles and smoke prevention programs, sanitation and public health…show more content…
Currently, the costs associated with privatized health care are really expensive. Private companies are able to set their own costs for insurance premiums, medical tests, and other services in order to make a profit. A universal health care system would be run by the government. The assumption here is that the government would not be interested in making profits; however, the government would be interested in promoting the best interests of its citizens. Therefore a universal health care system would likely result in decreased costs for medical care and improved monitoring for health care costs, which would result in more affordable health care. All forms of universal health care require some type of involvement from the government. For example, there can be government mandates or legislature that affects universal health care. The agency predicted that 6 million Americans will have bought private health plans through the new insurance exchanges by the March 31 deadline for obtaining coverage this year, while 8 million low-income people will have enrolled in

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