Hcr 230 Understanding the Collection Process

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University of Phoenix HCR/230 JULY 22, 2012 UNDERSTANDING THE COLLECTION PROCESS [pic] The Flow chart clarifies; the essential actions within the medical bill collections course of and every arrow points to the path by which the steps must be used. Step one is to bill and clarify the medical workplace monetary policy. That is to guarantee the patient will fully perceive all monetary accountability. On the time of visit the patient is billed and knowledgeable of the quantity and any outstanding balances. One month after the billing period if there's any outstanding balances the medical workplace will monitor the overdue invoice by utilizing the aging statement. A computerized notice notification will probably be released and another billing report will probably be dispatched to the patient by mail. When these methods are ineffective in determining the substantial invoice the following is for the collection expert to phone the patient in regards to the delinquent bill. The collection expert should phone the patient a minimum of once each day and leave at least 3 messages to the patient weekly. The collection expert shouldn't phone a patient regarding a balance before 8a.m. in the morning and after 9 p.m. at night. As soon as the phone call has been linked the caller needs to be recognized together with the practice, and the aim of the phone call. The expert should notify the patient of the position of hers or his account and what must be accomplished to determine the matter. Verify and confirm that the patient has obtained a invoice in the postal and remind the patient of the workplace monetary policy. If the patient develop furious, contain from retribution and proceed to be professional and well mannered. Talk about the debt in a professional method; if attainable
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