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CHUYÊN ĐỀ DU LỊCH, ẨM THỰC HO CHI MINH CITY EDITION FEBRUARY 2012 T I N Y T A L E S F R O M T H E BIG CITY NHÀ XUẤT BẢN LAO ĐỘNG Contents 046 wordhcmc.com FEBRUARY 2012 054 050 FEATURES 006 l The Prelude THE TALK 009 l The Big Five 010 l Just In 014 l In the Papers 016 l Word of Mouth 020 l Calendar 022 l Overscene INSIDER 008 l Tittle-Tattle and Tyra The supermodel herself made it to Vietnam last month. But what was the significance? 030 136 COLUMNS 100 l Road Rules 102 l Decks 'n Drums 103 l In the Frame CITY GUIDE TIENG VIET HANOI 124 l Single White Female in Hanoi An autobiography about one woman's life in the capital 030 TINY TALES FROM THE BIG CITY YEAR AHEAD A selection of stories celebrating the little things in life 042 THE Will the Year of the Tiger bring businesses in with a roar? Or will it whimper them in with a cry? Find out 046 BATTAMBANG The best bang for your travel bucks can be had at this Cambodia city with bamboo train rides, breathtaking boat trips and amazing pagodas 050 MYSTERY DINER It’s all about curries, curries and curries this month, with a touch of PanEuropean cuisine, too 052 THE SOUND OF MUSIC GET PHYSICAL The city’s soundscape is being refined with orchestrated performances at the Opera House 054 LET’S 126 l Creative Inking Know the rules if you want to join this tattoo club The battle of the bulge just got easier with these gyms around town 026 l The Local Fixer If Hollywood has a problem filming in Vietnam, his number is on their speed dial FINAL SAY 136 l Bursting with Bubbly Time to pop the bottle and let the bubbles escape 140 l On the Stool The life of a successful business woman in the city Family Guy Mania Answers See p139 for the original puzzle 1) Gas 2) 7 3) Glen Quagmire 4) Horace 5) True 6) Kisstock 7) S.S. Stronger than

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