Hca 340 Outline Week 3

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Health care organizations must make it imperative that all administrators, managers, leaders, physicians, nurses, and all other employees act at all times in an honest and ethical manner in connection with their services to patients. The principles of integrity and accountability are extreme vital in a health care organization’s success, as well as ensuring patient safety. Failures to act in an ethical manner can result in legal ramifications and negative publicity for the organization. Ethical concepts in Health care Ethics are vital in health care, and every health care professional must possess ethics. Ethical concepts that will be discussed are. 1. Vital in Medical Ethics 2. Informed consent 3. Confidentiality 4. Control and resolution 5. Conflict of interest Legal Concepts in Health Care Health care providers and their organization can suffer major fallout if they do not act with the laws and provide patient safety appropriately. Legal concepts that will be addressed are the follow 1. Negligence 2. DNR orders 3. Conduct 4. Liability 5. Risk Management 6. Federal Regulations As with any organization, there are federal regulations set in place to protect consumers and the organization. Health Care Organization are no exception, there are guidelines set in place to ensure that patient safety is met. Federal Regulations that the paper will discuss are as follow. 1. Nature of health care regulations 2. Origins and extend of complexity 3. Logic or regulations 4. Consequences from failure to comply 5. Shortcomings 6. Innovations 7. Importance of federal regulations Ensuring patient safety Ensuring patient safety is the cornerstone in health care organization. Without patients, the health care industry to exist. The health care professionals are responsible for the patient’s safety. Here is
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