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HCA 340 Complete Class Click Link Below To Buy: http://hwcampus.com/shop/hca-340/hca-340-complete-class/ Or Visit www.hwcampus.com HCA 340 Complete Class HCA 340 Week 1 DQ 1 Leadership and Management in Healthcare Leadership and Management in Health Care. Compare and contrast leadership roles and management responsibilities in a non-health care setting with that of a health care organization. In addition, present an overview of key leadership traits fundamental for health care organizational effectiveness, and discuss the essential functions of health care managers. What does it take to be a “good” leader or manager? What are the primary barriers and challenges associated with health care leadership? HCA 340 Week 1 DQ 2 Management and Motivation Management and Motivation. Discuss the overall importance of motivation as it relates to management. What are the benefits of having a fully motivated staff, and what are the potential consequences of not having motivated staff? What do contemporary theories tell us about the significance of motivation as a function of employee needs, extrinsic and intrinsic factors? How do we motivate across generations? In your response, please be sure to identify and address at least two theories. HCA 340 Week 2 DQ 1 Organizational Behavior and Management Organizational Behavior and Management. Review the following case study in your textbook, Prelude to a Medical Error (pp. 416-417). Examine the application and answer Discussion Question 1: “Identify and discuss examples of preconceptions, assumptions, and mental models evident in this scenario. What are the consequences of the ways these health providers are thinking about the situation?” How might you, as the healthcare administrator of this organization, handle this situation and deal with each of the participants? HCA 340 Week 2 DQ 2 Strategic
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