Hca 250 Change and Innovation Essay

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Change and Innovation Health care is just like any other field, it eventually has to enter the digital age and a lot of hospitals have entered this stage before and are way ahead of other health care facilities. When we look at health care organizations we can see the pros and cons of managing hospital records on a computer, this can be that if the computer crashes and all the health care records are lost, while it is easier for more than one facility to gain access to this health care information. If the health care organization that is managing records for people is a satellite for other hospitals, then if a hospital on that organizations list can access those records from around a thousand miles away to help a patient we can see this as a good thing, it’s less time than phoning another doctor and wishing to transfer records of a patient to that hospital or facility (Leigh, 2012). When technology comes into play a lot of people fear this new technology because they have to learn on it learning new technology is something just that everyone has to take time to learn. When coming into change there are a lot of different ways to manage this incoming change. Sometimes it’s a simple acceptance that the change is coming or something as difficult as solicit input. So when working with change we can merely accept that the change is coming, that is because the world is different and it’s now technology-drove that everything is held up by a computer instead of pen and paper. So people simply need to accept that the change is inevitable. When looking at the next way to deal with change you want to discuss the changes with your employees, this is known as solicit input. The truth is that a lot of times employees don’t actually oppose the upcoming changes especially in the technology fields, it’s just that they don’t have any input on the changes that are coming. So
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