Hca 250 Essay

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Approaches to Decision- Making Paper HCA-250 University of Phoenix Tina McGill July 14, 2013 Vinod Sharma Decision Making Paper In this scenario a group of nursing home administrators and an infection control officer, had noticed the infection rates was increasing at the nursing home. The administrators will have to find out what is causing the infection to spread. So to be successful in making good decisions and manager need to have knowledge and mastered management skills. There are basic management steps that have to be followed. The basic steps are planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. The first steps we will discuss are planning. “Planning is the first and most important step in any management task and if the manager skip this step it can be difficult to come to a good resolution.” When it comes to planning you have to look at all the details, it may take some time but never skip this step. “Organizing is the next step, you have to be able to organize projects, meeting, and tasks in an effective and timely manner. When organizing you have to consider how many people are needed to get the task done.”( F. John Reh, 2013) you will need to collect data, and samples, of information to use as resources. You may have to reorganize your plan. Planning and organizing works hand in hand. Planning focus on what to be done and organizing focus on how to get the work done efficient. Leading, you must have the ability to lead your team, meeting, or tasks to get the job done. When leading it has to be clear of the steps to be taken, like how much time is needed, what is the deadline, and make sure all
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