Hazards And Their Control Essay

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Techniques of Safety Management Unit IV - Hazard & Their Control…… A hazard is generally anything that can hurt you or make you ill. It has the potential to cause harm and injury to you and the surrounding environment……. |What's the difference between hazards at work and in everyday life? | | You deal with hazards in your life every day walking across busy streets, driving and playing sports. Generally, you don't worry too much about these situations. Why? Because you've learned from an early age how to deal with everyday hazards. You've learned from your own experiences, and you've been trained by parents, teachers and coaches. Municipalities install traffic lights and pedestrian crossings, car manufacturers install safety equipment. You might have taken driver's training and you probably wear protective gear playing sports. But you haven't been trained how to recognize, assess and control hazards found in the workplace. That's one of the reasons why young workers are so likely to be injured at work. You need to do some quick studying about workplace hazards so you're as comfortable with spotting hazards and dealing with them at work as you are at home, in the car and on the street. |How can I recognize hazards at work? | | The first step to protecting yourself is being able to recognize hazards in the work you're assigned and in the conditions you're working in. There are four main types of hazards: Physical hazards are the most common and will be present in most workplaces at one time or another. They include unsafe conditions that can cause injury, illness and death. They are typically easiest to spot but, sadly, too often overlooked because of familiarity (there are always

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