Hazards and Preventions Essay

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Hazards and Preventions Elderly care home. In an elderly care home, there are both males and females which different and also the same mental, physical problems. Physical and Environment and Equipment: There are many different hazards in care homes, regular checks on the environment and equipment should be done on a daily basis to prevent any hazards that are unaware to the people. The building and layout inside of it will be made to support the elderly with getting around, and to meet the needs of the different patients. The environment needs to be a safe place and the equipment needs to be in working order and if the equipment is not in working order or if the environment is not safe it can cause accidents to clients and also staff. There is hazards in a care home which can be a big harm to the people around. Untidiness in the care home can be a big hazard to the elderly, the untidiness can lead to tripping on objects. If there are any tables with sharp edges around where the accident has been then the person can easily bang their heads on the sharp object and maybe cause a serious injury. Any wet surfaces on the floor can cause them to slip and badly injure themselves if they are fragile. To prevent any of these hazards be sure to clean anything that looks like it could cause injury, so that there are no accidents around the care home and make it a safe and comfortable place to be for the person in the home. Infections: Many infections can be caught in a care home as they are more prone to infection. The different things that can be the reason for someone to catch or get an infection is having direct contact or indirect contact, inhalation, airborne and hands. In a care home should be clean and the people should have good hygiene. Having poor hand hygiene can cause infections to other people as it can be passed on from not having clean hands. An outbreak can

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