Hazards Essay

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I have chosen 15 hazards and I am now going to explain the harm that may arise from them within a health and social cares setting of my choice. The chosen health and social cares setting is in a GP surgery. The first hazard I am going to identify within a GP surgery is fire doors blocked. This is a hazard as it is very important to keep fire doors clear at all times in case of a fire. With this being in a GP surgery it is a must as you are putting staff and patient’s health and life at risk. The harm that this could lead to if there was a fire caused and the fire door was blocked possibly nearly everyone can have minor burns, life threatening burns and even death. Even if it is a very small fire and the chances are that is wont spread is very quickly put out staff have to follow regulations and the fire procedures when the alarm goes off to ensure nobodies health and life is at risk. E.g. a group of people were at the doctors and sitting in the waiting room to be seen to by the nurses and doctors, while they are waiting the fire alarm goes off and it appears that the fire exit is very much blocked with boxes and chairs. The fire is coming from the reception and starts to spread across to other places very quickly. Everyone in the doctors ran out to the waiting room where the fire exit was. With it being blocked and the fire spreading quickly a few people have parts of their clothes on fire and with it being very crowded and busy in the waiting room there is no room to do the procedure to stop the fire from spreading elsewhere on their clothes ( stop, drop and roll) one of the staff try’s to put it out with a blanket and some water but it results in the member of staff getting burnt a little bit and the few people whose part of their clothes are on fire getting burnt quite a lot. This example is a danger to a person’s safety. The second hazard I am going to

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