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AIR POLLUTION EVS 1001 Week 9 Homework 1 March 23, 2012 Everest online College What are the different types of air pollution? All the air pollution is form the thing we have used for thousands of years. There is Industrial and photochemical smog that is occurs when we are burning coal and then it goes in to the atmosphere. Then the other photochemical smog is occurs when the sunlight acts on the vehicle pollutants. There is the liquid (droplets, fog), solid (particulates, soot), but then the gas can dissolve in water droplets, giving acid rain. Or the soot can bind to the fog droplets, making smog. Enough air pollution of the wrong kind like carbon monoxide or hydrogen supplied will kill people outright by poisoning them. Smog or particulates may cause cancer, or trigger asthma attacks in susceptible individuals, as May combustion products (gas, droplets) from burning plastic (as in "suffering from smoke inhalation") How does each of these types of air pollution affect human health and the environment? We have the primary pollutants? They are Suspended particulate matter and what this does is a soot, smoke, metals, and carbon from combustion; dust, salts, metal, and dirt from wind erosion; atmospheric reactions of gases. What the air can do to human health is complex mixture of solid particles and aerosols; reduces lung function and affects respiration and cardiovascular disease. The Volatile organic compounds and what this does is incomplete combustion of fossil fuels; evaporation of solvents and gasoline; emission from plants. What the air can be doing to you is mixture of compounds, some carcinogenic; major agent of ozone formation. The Carbon monoxide is an incomplete combustion of fuels. What it can do to human help is Invisible, odorless, tasteless gas; poisonous because of ability to bind to hemoglobin and block oxygen delivery

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