Hazard City Council Case Study

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Dear Harazard City Manager & City Council, Here in Hazard city and the surrounding towns of Riverside and the historic Ralston we are blessed with having four magnificant season to do whatever our heart disieres but we must also realize the consequences that come with them. Every spring the snow melts from lava Mountain, down the Palouse River into the Johnson Reservoir and into Clearwater River. Sometimes it’s very difficult to predict how much discharge is going to come down the river at once since 80% of the Lava Mountain’s discharge comes in the early summer and late spring. So there is an extremely high posibility for downstream flooding in the towns of Riverside and Ralston. Riverside is extremley suseptable to serve damages caused by flooding due to the fact that the mobile home community is built upon sandy soils of the flood plain. Due to park regulations they do not prohibit perminant foundations and with out a foundation there is almost no doubt that some part of the Riverside community will suffer some damage. Another important part of Hazard City that could be in danger is the well known subdivsion of Ralston, located on the north bank of Clearwater River. This magnificant city is know for its rich history, stunning large, wood framed, 19th century Vicorian style homes. I would like to propose…show more content…
Looking in the Flood insurance Rate Map for Hazard City I have noticed that both of these locations are somewhat involved with the flood plain but what will happen when a 100 year flood happens or even worse, a 500 year flood? The historical community of Ralson which holds the community together could have half of it’s legendary Victorian homes swept away in a single flood due party because the house’s are not built to withstand those types of floods. They have been preserved in their natural state but a single frame wood house is no match for a swell that can be over 100,000 cubic ft per

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