Haystack at Sunset Essay

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The reason that I choose this art work as the one I dont like is because it is just boring, there is nothing catchy about it. The colors the artist used in the painting are very dull, there are no distinct features or lines that make you want to keep looking at the picture. It looks like a blurred image and made me want to skip over it and not look at it for very long. It is difficult to tell which media was used for this image making it harder to understand and catch the story of this work of art. I like pieces that have distinct lines and colors that work well with one another and keep me looking at it. When reading the discussions I like to look at the pictures of what they were discussing so I can get a better understanding of their view. I had to search for Claude Monet’s painting “Haystack at Sunset near Giverny” since it wasn’t in either chapter that we have gone over, but I am glad I did. I agree that the blurriness and lack of brightness of this piece makes it difficult to appreciate if you are looking at it up close. Did you try looking at it from a distance? If you look at it from a distance you may appreciate it more. At a distance you can see the haystack much clearer, the colors of the background are still dull but the haystack is a darker color making it the main focus point. This piece of art is called impressionism and it is painted on canvas using oil paint. The reason this piece looks blurry is because impressionists use visible brush strokes to create their

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