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Over the course of the 20th century women’s participation in sport has grown from once being viewed as an exclusive male dominante activity to watching women athletes compete at the highest level of competition, the Olympics. Canadian women athletes have excelled in a wide range of sports such as golf, speed skating and hockey and many more since the early 1900’s. It has not been all fun and games though. Women athletes have had to overcome many obstacles to achieve the recognition they have today. A figure who has continued to break down the barriers, follow the path of other great athletes and help lead and inspire our younger generation forward is a Canadian athlete Hayley Wickenheiser, also known as the ‘female Wayne Gretzky’. Hayley in m y mind shows leadership in 2 different ways. Firstly she is a leader on the ice as a hockey player and team mate, secondly as a inspiration in the community with…show more content…
What makes this book noteworthy is the fact it is the first biography of someone from the Canadian women’s Olympic hockey team. Born to Play shows that Wickenheiser is a strong role model for both boys and girls. The author of Born to Play Elizabeth ETue won the Canadian Association for Advancement of Women and Sport Breakthrough Award for her contributions to women’s sports in 2002 (Nickel). Hayley Wickenheiser is much more than simply a talented athlete; she is an extraordinary combination of skills, intelligence and fierce determination who is always testing herself and continually pushes to be better. With her combination of awards, accomplishments and ability to give back to others I believe she has and will continue to impact the world of sports. “...One of the most important jobs of leaders - teaching followers that they can do things for themselves”(Sashkin) Sums up exactly what Hayley has done for the young women’s movement not only for Canadian women but for women and girls all over the

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