Haydn And Mozart Essay

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Mozart And Haydn The highly acclaimed masterpieces penned by both Mozart and Haydn have long withstood the critical test of time. Along with Beethoven, a one-time pupil of Haydn, they are considered the three great composers responsible for the development of the Classical style in music during the eighteenth-century; symphony, opera, string quartet, and concerto, in particular. Haydn is undeniably recognized as one of the most creative and resourceful composers in history, yet he continues to be overshadowed by Mozart. Talent alone cannot account for the accomplishments and innovations of these two brilliant composers. The music they left us is a product of their natural ability combined with formal training and experience, personal inspiration and motivation, hard work, and a good deal of being in the right place at the right time. Perhaps Mozart’s death at the relatively young age of thirty-five or the popular tales of is cavalier attitude and active libido influenced the way in which future generations would see him. Haydn was apparently deeply religious and certainly more virtuous than Mozart, although they became friends and had significant influences on each other’s work. Their lives, taken as a whole almost two hundred years later, with the added benefit that accompanies hindsight, suggest that, despite their obvious differences in values, attitude, and lifestyle, they actually had much in common. Haydn has been described as deliberate, kindly, bright, and capable of calm judgement. Mozart, in contrast, has been called sensitive, vivacious, arrogant, and impressionable. The most obvious differences between Mozart and Haydn occur as a direct result of their lineage and other circumstances surrounding their youth. By the age of six, Mozart and Haydn had both displayed considerable natural talent; however, their prospects for wealth and fame were vastly
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