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Nimra Rafiq Miss Sadia Alam Research Paper May 18, 2014 Search for identity and meaning of self and superiority of Mind in Hayavanada by Girish karnad This research paper intends to explore the issues of Existentialism which faces characters in this play. Characters in the story Kapila and Devadutta seems the epitome of incompleteness of human beings ,searching for their identity but not find any meaning and they are helpless.The problem of existence arises when Padimini fixes heads with bodies of Kapila and Devadutta as she fixes different heads on different bodies . she fixes Devadutta ‘s head with Kapila’s body and Kapila’s head on Devadutta’s body .this causes the sufferings, anxiety and the basic problem of identity for Kapila and Devadutta .They suffer from self alianation which is due to their lost selfs. Karnad explores existentialism by intensifying the motif of incompleteness. According to Jean Paul Sartre the’’ Existentialist theory’’ that what is the existence of human being on this universe .Man in the world is struggling to find meaning and purpose of his life and always busy in completeness of his self. Hayavadana a character of the main story ,on whose name play is entitled.He is yearning for identity ,perfection and selfhood. He is searching what is nature of reality and human life. Hayavadana the eponymous character is a symbol of alienation due to his lost identity .He is a horse headed man.For him the loss of meaning and value in this world shows the condition of absurdity in him. The character of this play are victims of restlesness in their ordinary existence . There is not a sense of

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