The Hay Wain

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John Constable, The Hay Wain The Hay Wain by John Constable is a huge oil on canvas that measures 4ft. 3.5 in. X 6 ft. 1in. The painting shows the countryside along with a cottage type house made of brick and wood. A lot trees directly behind the cottage and in the background (which shows a very far distance). There is a body of water in the foreground of the painting. I am confused about what type of body of water it is. Most likely it is a shallow pond that is fed from a small stream which I can see in the background. In the pond are two humans that are sitting on a horse-drawn cart; the horses are black/dark brown by the way. The sky is very bright and cloudy, but not overcast. On the edge of the pond is a small dog, which reminds me of Shiloh. There is an abundance of plant life in this painting, there are the trees as I mentioned before, there are overgrown bushes by the cottage, weeds at the edge of the pond and in the pond as well. The painting itself has a very grainy look to it. It is not a “smooth” painting. Individual brush strokes can be seen. From the distant it looks like a big blob of green and brown and white, but once you get closer, you see a lot more detail – and I mean a lot. That is because Constable did put a lot of details in the painting, even though some of them can be hard to identify. For example, stretching out from the cottage is a shelf-like structure, and on the second rack there is a watering can. Directly behind the shelf is a female human that seems to be on her knees tending to something on the floor. Also, if you look in the background, there is a plain field, and in the plain field are actually people bending down. I’m not sure as to what they are doing, maybe planting seeds or harvesting a crop that grows on the ground. If you look at the pond closely, there is actually a small rowboat nestled in with the water bushes

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