Hay Market Square Riot

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Workers in the Industry in the 1880’s, had a lot of problems with wages and the horrible working conditions. Many people felt it was a major problem and people didn’t want to deal with these dismal conditions and these ridiculously low wages. There was an American Labor movement which included communist, anarchist, and socialist. Many of these labor radicals were immigrants. They believed that the Capitalist system should be taken apart because it exploited the workers. May, 4 1886 the day of the riot, Located at Randolph street, the feelings of the Laborers caused them to rebel. This was organized because several workers were killed and injured by the Chicago police during a strike the day before, occurring at the McCormick Reaper Works. During the riot, Police arrived to help settle the crowd down. As the police came close, an individual threw a bomb at the police. Leading more chaos and danger to occur. As a result of the violence, 7 police members were killed and 1 civilian died. After the riot occurred it set off many other problems. August 1886, 8 men who were anarchist were convicted in a trial that they were linked to the bombing. No evidence was found to prove they were connected to the bombing. 3 other individuals were were sentenced to death, 1 committed suicide the night before he was supposed to be executed. The after math of the Haymarket Square Riot, and the executions, people led events to make the anti-labor sentiment more popular and others believed that the men who were convicted weren’t treated fairly. Such a tragic and chaotic event to occur. Most of this was viewed as a setback for the Labor Movement Of America, where many people believed the working hours and conditions were unfair, And they believed they could have better rights. The people who were convicted were now viewed by many people as
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