Hawthorne's Female Characters Essay

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Susan Bamberg English 251-02 10 November 2013 Nathaniel Hawthorn’s Female Characters Women have always played a huge role in men’s lives. Although the problems today in couples are not the same as hundreds of years ago, they have always occurred. One thing women will always have in common is complication in relationships. Nathaniel Hawthorne has a way of demonstrating these complications through short stories. Although there are not many female characters in Hawthorns short stories, the female that are present play a very important role. Nathaniel Hawthorn’s female characters, Georgiana, Elizabeth, and Faith, exemplify faith, love, and evil in his stories “The Birthmark,” “The Ministers Black Veil” and “Young Goodman Brown.” One of Hawthorn’s main female characters, Georgiana, shows faith, love and evil in the story “The Birthmark.” Georgiana is young woman who is desired by many men and considered extremely beautiful. In fact, Georgina is seen as perfect by almost all men. However, her husband sees one flaw. According to Richard Harte Fogle in Hawthorne’s Fiction The Light & The Dark, “Georgiana is physically perfect except for a birthmark on her cheek” (117). Georgiana has full faith in her husband Aylmer, and believes in him as a scientist. Georgiana has so much faith in him that she agrees to let him perform an experiment on her to remove her birthmark. “With her consent- finally at her urging- he set to work to render her a ‘living specimen of ideal loveliness’” (McFarland 65). Georgiana is loved by her new husband, Aylmer, but is not his only love. “His love for his young wife might prove the stronger of the two; but it could only be intertwining itself with his love of science” (Baym 645). Georgiana’s husband, Aylmer becomes so obsessed with her birthmark that he allows evil to take over. He has never been a successful scientist, yet thinks he has

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