Hawthorne Studies Essay

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Listo Systems’ idea of involving their employees in the overall vision of the company will continue to play a key role in its continued success. It is important to involve them so that they feel they are an important part of the company, and their work makes a difference in the overall operations of the organization. The Hawthorne Studies (Hersey p. 47) found that even without improved working conditions, productions went up because of the attention they received from the experimenters. They began to see themselves as a team working toward one common goal, not isolated individuals. “The relationships that developed elicited feelings of affiliation, competence, and achievement (Hersey p. 47).” This is a very important concept that relates to Listo Systems’ success. The Hawthorne studies also found that employees want to talk freely about what is important to them. Eliciting employee ideas make them feel as if they are important and more than just an individual. It enforces the idea of being a part of a team. It also drives home the feeling of competence, when employee opinions are requested. Listo Systems’ increased productivity reflects the employee’s feelings of competence, and “…a sense of mastery over the job and work environment (Hersey p. 47).” This theory is a reflection of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. The X and Y Theory apply directly to the situation at Listo Systems. Theory Y stands out most. The theory suggests that employees can be self-motivated and be creative at their jobs when pushed in the right direction. In this scenario, Listo Systems has plainly set up clear goals for its employees and is showing that they are caring and fully aware of their employees’ wants and needs. They are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure these wants and needs are being met. Doing this ensures Listro’s continued success due to the encouragement and clear cut goals

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