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Peter Garcia Ms. Tenorio/ Mr. Hernandez English I/ World Geography 13 May 2011 Almost Everything about Surfing in a Coconut Shell My grandpa has been surfing since his grandpa took him to the sandy beaches of Tahiti to teach him what he knows. My grandpa told me that we only reveal our secrets to our grandsons. He said that when a 3rd son turns 5, he’s ready to find out what his grandpa has to offer and teach. He also said that only 1 year would be given to a 3rd son and that he would move on to the great beyond. Sure enough, my grandpa kept his word; he died 3 weeks after I turned 6. Before he died, on his deathbed, he told me that when my grandson turned 5, I would teach him what I know. Until then, this is the reason I chose…show more content…
At first, the white skinned people were friendly and traded goods and food, and gradually became more hostile. The decline of Hawaiian culture speeded up in 1820, when the first of the Calvinistic Christian missionaries arrived from England and began to convert the Hawaiians from polytheism to the one True God, whose son was Jesus Christ. The Hawaiian chiefs resisted this new God for a time, but within a decade this new strict, moral Christian code was replacing the kapu system and the Hawaiian's sensual way of life. The only thing dying faster than Hawaiian culture was the Hawaiians themselves. Wrecked by diseases, alcohol and other poisons brought ashore by the flood of the world, the Hawaiian population fell off a cliff from somewhere between 400,000 and 800,000 natives at the time of Cook's arrival, to a mere 40,000 by 1896.…show more content…
With time and technology, surfing has evolved with the decades and rapid industrial growth. Today surfing continues to carry the lifestyle that it made for itself over 350 years ago. Boards are in constant change ranging in size from 5 to 12 feet and have become both an flair and a calling. That is why I’ve been surfing since my grandpa taught me at the age of 5, I think sometimes I give off a vibe of what surfing now is like and I think people should care because it has been around longer than any other sport in the world. Me and my friends are going to go surf right now and keep something greater than us alive, so we’ll be seeing you whenever. As Hawaiians say,

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