Hawaii Nursing Practice Act Summary

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Nursing Practice Act for the State of Hawaii: Short Statements of General Information on Nursing

Nursing Practice Act for the State of Hawaii
In the state of Hawaii the Nursing Practice Act that is defined in the chapter 457 section 1.5 listed on the website www.hawaii.gov, gives a brief description according to the state laws in a broad general notion of what nurses are expected to do with in their scope of practice. In this summary it is easily gathered that nurses must have knowledge of the make-up and workings of the human body and be able to apply holistic healthcare practices that are evidence based and are targeted for the optimal care for advancement towards recovery of the specific individual
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When a nurse is engaged in the practice it is important that the nurse has flexible boundaries and is able to keep up with the ever changing needs of society and continue their advancement of knowledge in their particular field in order to do so (Potter et al., 2011). It is with all nursing fields to contain the following in their scope of practice; assessment and evaluation of patient, adjustment according to patient needs in the administration of a various range of nursing interventions, it is the responsibility and duty of the nurse to provide patient and family education and to be an active member/participant of the interdisciplinary heath care team (Potter et al., 2011). It is important to know that the scope of an individual nurses practice depends on their level of education, experience in the nursing field and their role and again as stated once before is guided by the individual state…show more content…
Denial can be determined if one has a felony offense which relates to any means of practice including violence, dishonesty or any offense that has been revoked or suspended after a found conviction (Nursing Practice Act Hawaii, 2012). As far as actions exhibited and found which can lead to disciplinary action of a nurse while in the field of nursing, one can have their license suspended or revoked for failure of providing adequate care to a patient and failing to conform to the minimum requirements that is deemed necessary by the state in order for care to be safely provided to the individual patients in which the care is given to the assigned nurse. In this statement of providing inadequate care to a patient this also falls hand in hand with the nurse revealing the inability of practicing nursing skills required in a competent, knowledgeable standard that places the individual patient’s health and welfare in danger (Nursing Practice Act Hawaii, 2012). If these particular behaviors are exhibited and it is found that the nurse is not able to continue in the field in a safe manner then the state board of nursing has the right to revoke and ban any and all ability to further the continuation of work in the healthcare

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