Hawaii Culture Essay

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Name: Shannell Sarme Date: September 22, 2009 Time: 12-2pm Activity: W4 Focused on culture(s): Hawaiian Learning goal(s): 1. Find out how this culture tradition originated and developed. 2. Learn what hand gestures/ hand motions means or represents. 3. The meaning of the songs. What you did/ with whom/ where: Attended a hula lesson yesterday (9-21-09) in my hometown on the island of Lanai. The hula lesson was held at the Senior Center by Lynette Kaopuiki of Halau Hula O Lanai Ka Ula. What you learned: 1.) Hula originated from Hawaii(Hawaiians). Dancing a hula tells a story. Many tell the myths of the islands. Hawaii is known for their hula dancing. It can also explain a love story, actually it can mean anything.

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