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Having Relation Ship in College Essay

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PRESENTATION OUTLINE                                                                          
Title : Having relationship while studying.
  I. Attention Grabber
Feeling is an emotion that us individual has. Some of these types are feeling of anger, depressed, joy, sad, etc. One type is the emotion that a person gives to a person and received from a person which is the feeling of in love. Do you know what is love? Love is a strong affection and warm attachment to a person or a group of people like families and friends

  II. Preview
In order to know more about this emotion or its effect to a person that had been given and received. Especially, college students that facing the choice between neglecting schoolwork and neglecting one's significant other . Some people hold firm to their belief that the girlfriend – boyfriend relationship at university should not be acceptable because of its bad effect on students’ studies. Nonetheless, I take a different view that the effect may be positive or negative depending on your way to balance the relationship and the school work.

  III. Body
  a. Positive effect
  * Having a special person to love and be loved will make your life at college more colorful and meaningful.
  * Can help each other in life and studies.
  * Become your motivation or inspiration to learn harder and better.
  * Release your stress when you’re facing some issue.
  b. Negative effect
  * Time has been divided into two parts. It means that the time we spend on the studies will be decrease
  * Get pregnant at an early age.
  * Broken relationship can lead to students’ negative attitude.

  IV. Conclusion
In conclusion, when being a student, you should prioritize your studies above anything else. Having a boyfriend – girlfriend relationship is not bad; however, you have to balance between the study and the love. Therefore, you will have a success and happy life in your future.

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