Having a Child With Epilepsy Essay

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Having a Child With Epilepsy A quiet, peaceful life filled with many friends and a healthy family is a future that most American women dream about from a very young age. To grow up, receive an education, get married, and have children is the life that the majority of the world wants. Unfortunately, life is not that easy. Accidents do happen, and tragedy does strike. Many women, such as Mrs. Natalie Beseau, think that their dreams have come true when they reach the age of forty and realize that they have achieved their perfect life, until perfect suddenly becomes imperfect. This imperfection hit Mrs. Natalie on a verdant morning in 2001 while sipping a cup of fresh orange juice and thinking about her life. This petite lady with short brown hair, huge eyes, and a heart of gold realized that she was a high school teacher, married to a robust lawyer, and had two very smart and active sons. Her life was perfect, until that very second! Her five-year-old son Tanner, who had been innocently playing with his toys on the floor, started to have a seizure. His eyes rolled in the back of his head, his whole body began to shake, and blood was flowing out of his mouth. From that day on, Mrs. Natalie knew that her life would never be the same because of the diagnosis of her son’s epilepsy. Experts define epilepsy as “the tendency to have repeated seizures that begin in the brain.” Cases can vary from non-serious, meaning one or very few seizures a year, to extremely serious, meaning hundreds of seizures a day. Not much information is known about this disease, and the reasons for developing epilepsy vary with each person. It is an extremely eerie and confusing disease to suddenly discover. Physically, having seizures can be painful to a person’s body and mind, but the family of the person hurts too. Watching Tanner’s first seizure was physically painful for him and his mother

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