Have Youth Sports Become Too Intense? Essay

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Have Youth Sports Become Too Intense? Eric England Writing 123 Ms. Vargas March 21, 2015 Abstract With sports being such a big part of society today, there is an increase in the participation of youth in childrens leagues. Along with this increase is the pressure to perform better and an added level of intensity. As a result of these things, there are problems that arise for the children. There are countless examples of the negative effects that occur. On the opposite side of the argument there are also studies done that prove that the participation in these sports are positive. With all things considered, they are still children. These coaches and parents need to learn to balance and control the amount of pressure and intensity that is placed on the young athletes to promote the right type of atmosphere and prevent injuries and all other negative effects. In today’s world, sports are a dominating and common figure. From professional leagues all the way down to pee wee sports for children. These sports are becoming increasingly popular at younger ages. Organizations are starting to target today’s youth and promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. With the growth in popularity of these youth sports, there is also a growth in pressure and intensity on the participants of the respective sport. Some of the added pressures are from the parents of the children, there are more colleges that are recruiting younger athletes. There are a lot of sports now where the colleges are starting to look at younger athletes and recruit them for scholarship. This, in turn, is causing parents to start pressuring their children to go harder and get better at their sports so they can earn a scholarship to whatever college that they want. With the parents putting this added pressure on the children can be good to motivate them, but it more

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