Have You Ever Been Stereotyped?

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Have you ever been stereotyped? Most people if asked what a stereotype is will know right off the bat know what one is because most people can easily remember a time in their life where they have been stereotyped or categorized. People can be stereotyped by age, religion, gender, social class and even the color of your hair. There are many ways a stereotype can effect or impact a person, but there is also many ways you can overcome a stereotype that is present in the society that we live in because all in all, stereotypes aren’t fair statements. You may ask what exactly does a stereotype mean? It means any commonly known public belief about a certain social group or a type of individual, mostly a social group. For example a common stereotype is “Asians are good in math.” That statement generalizes a group of people and is not accurate. But let’s be honest, everyone in a way stereotypes people all that type. It’s just a process where we unconsciously attach certain traits to a person. It’s not a fair thing that stereotypes are said and come about but they do and most people feel very self-conscious because of them. It makes some people aware of their bad past actions and wonder if the things they’ve done will influence the certain group they belong to. Stereotypes may be correct to some people but not all and it’s a way that generalizes the group of people in society due to the actions of a few and even with the lack of accuracy people continues to say them. Stereotyping has various effects on people. It can affect their actions, there thought process and how they go about handling situations. Studies shows that people that have been through prejudice situations become more aggressive and lack their ability to control themselves. In one study, a group of women were stereotyped and it was observed that their control on the amount of food they ate had been gone

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