Have You Ever Been in an Uncomfortable Situation?

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Unforgettable Event
Have you ever been in an unexpected and very uncomfortable situation? Throughout life there are many events in which some many consider good and others bad. There are many planned moments where we consider them to be important, and there’s also the ones that we don’t plan that become unforgettable. I am a certified nursing assistant, and I’m currently work at a nursing home. Little did I know that this place would i find one of the unforgettable events I’ve had, and that one person that would put me nervous up to a point where I didn’t know what to do and my mind would become blank. While I graduated from high school there was a course I took which sounded interesting and easy, and paid good money. I didn’t care much on what I did, I just cared about the money. AS the course of the class moved on I found out it was a hard class, and the job was not so lovely. With all my efforts I graduated high school with two degrees. One my high school degree and the other my Certified Nursing Assistant/Caregiver degree. This job basically is a job where you help the elderly to keep them company but also help them with their assisted daily livings. As I move forward from high school I found a wonderful place to work and an easy entry for a job opening as a CNA.
My transition from graduating from high school was not easy, and I was very nervous of life in another city and a total different environment to what I was used to living. I moved from Nogales to Tucson becoming a full time student at Pima community college. I loved my hometown because it would be full of parties since Mexico was right next to Nogales Arizona and the drinking age is 18.Coming to Tucson is a different environment and parties aren’t so great. Throughout the transition from Nogales to Tucson i found out that my sister was working as a CNA in a nursing home. I would need money
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