how to have a perfect life

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Nowadays, people are busy working. Most of them are worried about how to earn money and how to keep family happy. Does everyone want to have a perfect life? The answer must be yes. Some people don’t know how to run their lives and create their future. Good personality, have good habits and have good popularity. These three things determine success or failure in person’s life. Good personality. People think personality can’t be changed since we were born. But it always plays an important role in our lives. There are some characters we should have to face our life. For example, when you have an argument with others, First thing you should do is listening to other people’s idea and you may disagree. But you still need to wait until that people have done talking. It not only means respects other people but also shows how much patience you have. In any case, you need to know how to appreciate other people. Another thing is try you best to have a good habit. It is also very important because it’s a good way that you can keep one’s impression from others. Even a person has a good habits, it is still hard to keep your habit among every single day. Good habit also can make you have a clear mind for everything. Such as you know when you can do your homework and when you have to go to bed. These things sound very simple. But if you don’t have a good habit, these things would be not easy to perform. That’s why some people feel sleepy in the morning and some of them are not. Thirdly, we all know the most valuable thing in our life is friendship. In your memory, have you guys remembered that play with your friend? I am glad to spend time on playing with them. Be honest. Help each other. Work hard together. How wonderful they are! I can’t give up the friendships in my life. Even though they not around me. I always keep in touch with them. That’s why everyone needs good memory
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