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A large amount of instructive and mental research has time after time established that African American students underperform academically compared to White students. For example, they tend to receive lower grades in school, score lower on the same tests of academic ability, drop out at elevated rates, and graduate from college with significantly lower grades than White students. Such performance space can be identified for several reasons, such as financial status, or educational training. However Claude M. Steele explains that even when background issues are held steady, later success remains lower for minority students. The member of any stereotyped group must deal with the possibility of being judge of doing something that will confirm the stereotype. In the article “The Many Experiences of Stereotype Threat” written in the English Mercury Reader-Fall 2011 SIUC. Claude M Steele basic argument is that a person’s “social identity”(Steele) has significance when “rooted in concrete situations” (Steele). Steele defines these situations as “identity contingencies”( Steele). Steele main effort was to introduce, research, and raise awareness of the reasons why stereotype threat exist and what we as people could do to make it so that it does not affect people socially. Steele explains his argument through good logical reasoning, and his consistency with the research. The “The Many Experience of Stereotype Threat” article was mainly about studies that Steele did himself along with his colleges. The experiments not only involved black and white but also Asian people, young people, old people, Latinos, smart people and so on. Steele talks about his findings in the many studies that when a person’s social characteristics is close to a negative stereotype, that person will tend to underperform in a way unfailing with the stereotype. Another important fact was that the

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