Hauntings in the Building Essay

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Hauntings in the building. The Hotel looked like a castle. Filled with warmth. Filled with secrets. If only if only they knew the secrets within held no easy avenue. The lovely young deuce, Mary and Connor Edwards settled in room 519A. The Neighbors, quite lovely and sweet. They loved their place, real nice, real neat. Except at night there were ticks and clicks, and even little flicks coming, in which they suspected, from the inner walls. One day, the ticks and clicks, and even the little flicks grew louder. Home alone, Mary’s ears, searched and followed the sound to a closet; which was located near the kitchen. But the ticks and the clicks and even the flicks were too smart for her. Stopping completely as she flew the door open. Inside an old, dusty, dirty, and disheveled suitcase lay on a top shelf. Opening it? No avail. Using hammers, screws, and knives? No avail. Reluctance arose the voice of a little girl, “Stop!” Mere shock sent everything flying out of her grip and a shriek came from her, louder than wolf’s midnight howl. “Shhhhhh,” whispered the girl “he might hear us.” Stopping mid-shriek, Mary widened her eyes and asked, “Who will hear us... Wait where did you come from?” Mary examined the room; there was no sign of any windows or the front door open. How could she have gotten in here? She thought. The girl was barefoot and wore a nightgown with a worn down teddy bear by her side, and as she focused closer on the little girl she noticed something. The girl was transparent! She blinked once, twice, even rubbed her eyes but the girl was still clear as day and white as snow. In a friendly gesture, Mary extended her hand to the girl but received a cold glare and then disappeared leaving her warning once more. “Don’t open the suitcase.” Despite the warning Mary’s mindset of opening the suitcase remained the unchanging. However it would have

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