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Haunted Ajax Guilt is the feeling created as a result of violation of ones inner morality. Ajax is forced to feel immense guilt for his past actions by the gods and people of his country. Ajax was obsessed, even to the point of going insane from his exploits. He felt so haunted by his action of slaughtering the Greek cattle he decided he had a responsibility to himself to act on his guilt and take his own life. He transformed in front of the eyes of his family and country as someone who was a strong, courageous soldier to an irrational namby-pamby. He did not respond to his situation in the most sensible way. Ajax felt an obligation to commit suicide instead of mending his relationship with the Greek deities and his family. In doing so he cheated him self and his beloved even though he felt like he made the noblest decision. In the beginning of the play Ajax claims, “...My name is Ajax:/ agony is its meaning. And my fortunes/ are cause indeed for agony of wailing cause” (Ajax, 24) He believes that he burdens the people around him by continuing to live. He finds justice in taking his own life because so much of his society already holds so much animosity towards him. Not long after Ajax’ slaughtering took place, Tecmessa says to the Chorus, “He is freshly miserable. It is a painful thing/ to look at your own trouble and know/ that you yourself and no one else has made it” (Ajax, 17.) This conversation is an example of how much his wife forgave Ajax almost immediately after the horrid event. She understands that even though he should get over it and try to move on, he has created a lot of conflict within his own head and is struggling with that. She goes on to say, “ If someone posed the question which would you choose:/ To grieve your friends while feeling joy yourself/ or to be wretched with them, shares alike?” (Ajax, 17.) Tecmessa supports

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