Hatshepsut's Accomplishments

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History Essay History Essay In this essay I will prove that Hachepsuit, Nebuchanzzar, Mursilis I, and Ramses II, were the most important rulers of the ancient world. Hachepsuit -she improved life for the Egyptians -she expanded the Egyptian trade -she was a regent , for her husband which she locked up and killed -was the first woman ruler , and for a while disguised herself as her husband -the Egyptians were able to obtain very prized exotic products, like leopard skins, feathers, hardwoods, and myrrh - She also carried out a little more than a few monumental building projects, such as an enormous funeray temple for herself in the Valley of the Kings and Queens - Had her boy friend do all her work(sunmut) -Hatshepsut is well known for her ambitious building projects in Egypt particularly the erection of several Obelisks’ at Karnack and her funerary Temple at Deir el-Bahri. In her time Hatshepsut was a model of feminine mystic, power and political…show more content…
Taking the throne at the age of 20, Ramses II ruled for an amazing 67 years, the second longest reign of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. -is known for many accomplishments. While it was quite common for ancient Egyptian pharaohs to have several wives, Ramses II seems to have exceeded the norm in number of wives and children. At the end of his long life, the pharaoh had sired over 100 children. The reign of Ramses 2 was marked by numerous military battles and he became one of the famous Egyptian pharaohs known for his military strength. Much of his reign was occupied with taking back territories that were lost to Egypt during the rule of other ancient Egyptian pharaohs, most notably

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