Hatian Revolution Essay

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the Hatian revelution I had chosen the topic “The United States involvement in the Caribbean in the late 19th and early 20th century was beneficial to the United States only.” As my School Based Assessment (SBA) project as I sought to be enlightened about the United States role in the development of the Caribbean in the late 19th and early 20th century. I wanted to find out how the United States expanded her territory and influence, so that they could gain control of Cuba and some other Caribbean countries. The impact this topic had on me is that it had given me a feeling that, the United States were big bullies and what they said goes and if you did not agree they found a smarter way to enter the country or to take over its government. It also shows me how political leaders of a country would go to any length to gain power and control over another country and to what extent they are willing to go. This research shows that the United States was willing to undertake any task to be the most powerful country. The schools, the libraries and the public can benefit from this research topic as it will help by giving them a better understanding of the topic. It can also help future students by providing a guide on how to write a research paper. This research paper can also be used as a document which they can critically analyze how the United States and the Caribbean has develop together and what benefits the united states had from the Caribbean and how the Caribbean benefitted or was impacted by the United States. Introduction This paper seeks to address how the United States extended their rights in three countries and what benefits they had from these three countries. The three countries I will be looking at are: Haiti .Puerto Rico and Cuba. These countries were not the only countries since the United States sought to gain control of other

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