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Political History Of Pakistan Amputation of Eastern Wing (Bangladesh) from the Western Wing (Pakistan) Submitted to: Dr. Mehdi Hasan Submitted by: Abdus Samad Khan Semester: BA-5 Dated: 6th November 2014 Separation of East Pakistan Over four decades ago, our country’s government was engaged in managing, what the Western representatives then termed a, “selective genocides” in its own territorial wing- in East Pakistan. There is hardly any mention of the 1971 war in the Pakistani textbooks or discussion of it in the media much less the government or the country being apologetic or remembering how merciless they were in unleashing their wrath on its Eastern Wing. If we trace the roots of the civil war in 1971 we come to find out that it was not a war which took place because of a 2-3 year old tension but was ignited since the partition of 1947 and when Pakistan was being established as a sovereign state. Since Muhammad Ali Jinnah wanted a partition on the basis of religion alone, this is where East and West Pakistan came into being, despite the immense distance between the two wings and various racial, cultural and political factors- the only common factor between the two wings was that it had Muslim majority. To a certain extent, the success or failure of the ideology of having religion to unify its population, which was putting to test the two-nation theory. Pakistan’s a country, which came into existence through great struggle and was born into mayhem on 14th August 1947, facing challenging hardships. Pakistan’s boundaries were not clearly defined and after partition took over the East wing which was heavily dependent on Hindu management before. In 1947, British Empire divided the region of Bengal into East and West Bengal that separated the Hindus and Muslims with Muslim being in the eastern territory and the Hindus
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