Hate.Love Relationship With Sports

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Athletes love/hate relationship Many college athletes have a love/hate relationship with their sports. The main reason why athletes have a love/hate relationship is because of the coaches. The coaches are really hard on them and push them to the max, but they love and respect their coaches because they make them better people in the long run. During a particular season, an athlete will spend more time with their coach than with their parents or their friends; which leads to the second reason for the love/hate relationship: long and tedious practices. The practices take up much of their time and do not allow them to have a social life, but in the end they make them better athletes. It is difficult to make this adjustment for, especially for a college freshman who is used to having more free time, as high school athletes do. The final reason why an athlete’s feelings flip-flop is because of the emotional rollercoaster the games take you on. Your excited to play the game, are eager to win, and devastated when you lose. Coaches are really the brains behind the sport, while the athletes are the heart and soul of the game. Everyone understands that the heart and the mind do not always agree. They force athletes to push themselves further than they ever thought possible. That is why they struggle with their feelings for them. During practices and games a coach can make an athlete do more reps, practice harder, and give-up their social time. This makes the athlete angry and resentful at times. An athlete may not agree with a certain coaching philosophy or with certain play calling, yet has to find a good way to move past this for the good of the team. When the athletes see the positive results of all the hard work the coach has put in they are grateful to see as much dedication on the coaches part as well as on the athletes. In the end they respect and are
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