Hate Crimes Essay

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What is a Hate Crime? A Hate Crime is an act of criminal abuse, physical or verbal because of the victim’s ethnicity, religion, or sexuality. The offenders of these acts usually belong to a large gang called a hate group. A very brutal and large hate group is called the “Skinheads”. The Skinheads are a white supremacist group with shaved heads and large boots. White supremacists are people who believe that African Americans, Hispanics, Jewish and homosexuals are evil and should not exist. Skinheads commit horrid crimes that range from vandalism of ones property or the slaughter of another human being. They commit these crimes to remind minorities that they have not come very far socially. There is a very common skinhead code, 14/88. Fourteen is for the fourteen words spoken by David Lane who died in prison while serving a life sentence, for murdering a Jewish talk show host. His words were; “ We must secure the existence of our people and a future of white children.” 88 stand for Heil Hitler; ‘H’ is the eighth letter of the alphabet. The following are some crimes that were committed: November of 1988 three skinheads beat an Ethiopian man named Mulugeta Seraw to death with baseball bats. April 1999, Irieno Soto Aguilar, a Mexican Immigrant had his skull crushed with concrete chunks, skinheads did this. October 2007 a skinhead choked a 62-year-old homosexual as an attempt at approval in his gang. November 8th 2008, nine teenage boys from Patchogue, Long Island killed 37-year-old Marcelo Lucero, an Ecuadorian immigrant. CBS News says, “Lucero was walking with a friend when the teens approached them yelling ethnic slurs. One boy punched Lucero in the face, Lucero and his friend then began to swing their belts and chase the teens away. Lucero reportedly hit 19-year-old Jeffery Conroy in the head with a belt, causing him to loose his temper. Conroy opened a

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