Hate Crimes Essay

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Hate Crimes According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, a hate crime is defined by Congress as; "a criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender's bias against a race, religion, disability, ethnic origin or sexual orientation" (n.d.). Hate crimes are the usual offenses like homicide, vandalism or arson, but hate crimes are committed because of a bias. Hate crimes have been a tragic part of the framework of societies around the world for thousands of years. These kinds of crimes are more likely to generate or intensify frictions between specific sectors of society than other crimes, because they can produce civil instability, wide -range racial conflicts, and riots. Causes/Effect of Hate Crime There are many reasons given for why hate crimes are committed but social, economic, political instabilities are thought to play a key role in hate crimes. Hate crimes are frequently seen when a person or group of people want to remove another race, ethnic group, sexual orientation, etc. from their ‘territory’. These causes along with numerous other causes not only affect the victims, mentally and physically, they also create problems in communities. Cities are threatened with critical economic, political and social consequences when hate crimes incite racial conflicts, civil disturbances and riots. The instant expenses of the cities that experience these conflicts and disturbances are the overtime accrued by medical personnel, police and fire departments, property damage and loss along with injury and death. The long-term effect for these cities include: shortage of rebuilding funds, elevated insurance rates and property value decline, which in turn creates reduces tax revenues. Offender Profile When discussing the perpetrators of hate crimes the

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